Are you facing Outlook PST file data deletion or loss issue? Deletion of important Outlook PST file items can be very painful for anyone. In this situation, you need an advanced third party tool to recover PST file data because manually it cannot be achieved. Outlook Repair is one of the highly advanced and more… Read Article →

The Windows command prompt offers a number of functionalities by running a set of commands. You can perform basic operations with simple commands or even run advanced commands for complicated tasks. You can reach to a higher level if you are thorough with executing basic commands. Some basic operations are briefed out here. Open the… Read Article →

Are you facing recently captured canon EOS dslr raw image deletion issue? Do you want to restore canon EOS dslr raw images? If yes, then there is no need to worry about because you are not only one who is facing raw images deletion issue from their canon EOS dslr camera. In order to recover… Read Article →

  While working on your PC unexpectedly if you miss recycle bin icon from vista windows, surely you will be in shock just don’t panic!!! With few simple tips even the user can solve these queries. Just right click on Desktop and need to select Personalize option from the dialog box located on the right side. On… Read Article →

Anytime if you come across the situation to recover overwritten data from excel files. Have a habit of keeping backup or perform the overwriting data action on a copy of spreadsheet, so that You can easily recover the previous spreadsheet data. Your spreadsheet data might get deleted or lost due to many reasons. In such… Read Article →

In order to save and track the files from storage device, file system is required. This file system tells operating system about the file location on storage drive by which OS can access the file. ExFAT is one of the file system developed by Microsoft Corp for flash data storage drives. ExFAT is the acronyms… Read Article →

Nowadays Microsoft Outlook gained popularity worldwide because of its outstanding features that permits users to perform different things such as sending, receiving, scheduling appointments, etc. MS Outlook doesn’t include only mail but also other Outlook attributes like contacts, journal entries, tasks, notes, events etc. When file system corrupts or something goes wrong; Outlook may not… Read Article →

SDHC Card is an outstanding durable device which is most commonly used by many users. According to the availability of storage space files such as photos, videos, audios, documents, etc. can be efficiently stored. “I have captured and stored collection of images on my SDHC card. While I was transferring data from my SDHC card… Read Article →

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the MS Office suit applications. This tool is used to make the attractive presentation slides for education as well as for professional purpose. With the help of PowerPoint, people can make business reports, school manuals, promotional banners, etc. It has a number of features which help to make impressive presentation… Read Article →

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