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From past few a days, I was using internet connection on Windows 8 laptop to collect information for my assignment. Due to increase in usage of internet on my laptop, is infected by severe viruses and malware attack. The data contain in hard drive is affected due to virus and later when I scanned that… Read Article →

“I was creating a document which includes projects I worked on, as well as my own resume which covers all my technical as well as education details and I’ve created it successfully and saved it on local drive. But now when I tried to open the Word document it say unable to access it. I think file got corrupted. Can… Read Article →

Zip file is a data container which store one or more files in the compressed form. Zip files are mostly used for emailing large amount of data over internet as it occupies less space to be stored. To read files inside Zip file, you need to unzip it by using WinZip tool. If you want… Read Article →

Photoshop is a renowned image editing application widely used all around the world that is developed by adobe systems. It allows users to edit and compose raster images in multiple layers. File layers are powerful feature in adobe system, layers grant the ability to stack images on top of each other. in this way seperate images… Read Article →

Mac External Drive Recovery is an effective tool used to recover all valuable files and folders from external drive which is connected to Mac systems. This software is designed with user friendly even non- technical users can easily install and retrieve files from the external hard drive which is associated with Mac machine. Mac External… Read Article →

MS PowerPoint is a presentation software package developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint consists of number of individual pages or slides. Nowadays, PowerPoint has become a strong and useful software for enhance presentations. PowerPoint can be used to create and organize the slides on a computer and projected directly from computer or via internet. Sometimes you may… Read Article →

Windows Registry is an crucial system file with a massive collection of details about your computer–where programs are stored, which programs files (known as DLLs) are shared among numerous applications, listings of entire start-menu shortcuts, and pointers to the programs that trigger when you click on an icon. This information is stored in the form… Read Article →

Defragmentation is basically the art of rearranging the files on your hard disk in order to enhance its performance. Nowadays you can find plenty of queries on the forums from the people asking which is the best defrag disk software. Are you the one who is looking for the best defrag disk utility? Then you… Read Article →

The Olympus XD cards are launched by Olympus Firm, which is a flesh storage device, used for digital cameras. Because of its small size these cards are widely-used in tiny sized digital cameras including Olympus, Kodak, and Fujifilm and so on. XD cards are often used to transfer information from card to personal computer and… Read Article →

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