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In order to save and track the files from storage device, file system is required. This file system tells operating system about the file location on storage drive by which OS can access the file. ExFAT is one of the file system developed by Microsoft Corp for flash data storage drives. ExFAT is the acronyms… Read Article →

I had stored some important files in my pen drive, but last week suddenly the pen drive got infected by harmful virus. Since then I was unable to find those files hence decided to format pen drive in order to avoid virus attack. This results in deletion of all files from pen drive.. I don’t… Read Article →

Kingston is one of the popular brands of SSD drive. It is used to store files of different file formats such as audio, video, images, documents and many more. SSD drive can transfer data with higher speed n comparison to hard drive. It is a portable storage device which is smaller in size. These drives… Read Article →

From past few a days, I was using internet connection on Windows 8 laptop to collect information for my assignment. Due to increase in usage of internet on my laptop, is infected by severe viruses and malware attack. The data contain in hard drive is affected due to virus and later when I scanned that… Read Article →

MS PowerPoint is a presentation software package developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint consists of number of individual pages or slides. Nowadays, PowerPoint has become a strong and useful software for enhance presentations. PowerPoint can be used to create and organize the slides on a computer and projected directly from computer or via internet. Sometimes you may… Read Article →

In case you have lost any of the files, from your system hard disk drive due to improper use of usage System Restore, then need not panic simply make use of My File Recovery software that is armored enough to recover any of the file formats which went missing due to such system process. System… Read Article →

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