Download Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Spreadsheet Data

recover-excel-spreadsheetAnytime if you come across the situation to recover overwritten data from excel files. Have a habit of keeping backup or perform the overwriting data action on a copy of spreadsheet, so that You can easily recover the previous spreadsheet data. Your spreadsheet data might get deleted or lost due to many reasons. In such scenario, do not worry!! Youi can easily recover the deleted or lost spreadsheet data with the help of external software.

How to recover deleted or lost Excel files:

Finding difficult to get back the deleted or lost Excel spreadsheets. do not worry!!! follow up with the below steps to retrieve the Excel files.

  1. Initially, download and install Excel Spreadsheet Recovery software on your operating system.
  2. Launch the application after successful installation of the software and select Recover Files option from the main screen window.
  3. Later, click on Recover deleted files or Recover lost files option from the next screen window to recover the deleted or lost spreadsheet data.
  4. Select the appropriate drive from the list of logical drives to restore deleted or lost Excel file and hit on Next option to proceed further.
  5. Scanning process to recover the Excel spreadsheet will be initiated. After successful completion of scan, one can easily preview the deleted or lost excel files.
  6. If you are using demo version of software, purchase the software to save the previewed files on the desired location.

With the help of this recovery software, one can easily recover the deleted or lost spreadsheet data. This software has an ability to recover the Excel files from various media storage devices such as SD card, external hard drives, flash drives, CF card, etc. Deleted or lost audios, videos, images and documents of various formats can be restored quickly.  Including spreadsheets other files like DOC, DOCX, PDF. PPT, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, etc. can be retrieved with an ease.

How the data on Spreadsheet get lost or deleted?

  1. Accidental deletion is the major reason where the spreadsheet data gets deleted. While deleting the unimportant spreadsheet, important one might get deleted.
  2. Virus or Malware is the primary hazards that rapidly spreads all over the file system and might cause damage or corrupt spreadsheet.
  3. Knowingly or unknowingly formatting the drive will permanently delete the files on disk.
  4. Deleting the Excel file using shift+delete keys will delete the data permanently without moving to recycle Bin or trash.
  5. Unsuccessful transfer process or improper cut-paste method of excel files will also lead to the loss of spreadsheet data.
  6. Bad sectors, Abrupt shut down of the system while performing action on spreadsheet might also cause excel file loss scenario.

Any above case can be a reason for spreadsheet data loss or deletion scenario. In such cases, do not spare a second thought of losing spreadsheet permanently. Here the prime software to restore Microsoft Excel files in a few simple mouse clicks.

Spreadsheet recovery software helps to recover the deleted or lost spreadsheet data on various versions of Windows as well as on different Mac Operating system.