Software to Retrieve Data from SDHC Card: “Not Formatted Error”

downloadSDHC Card is an outstanding durable device which is most commonly used by many users. According to the availability of storage space files such as photos, videos, audios, documents, etc. can be efficiently stored.

“I have captured and stored collection of images on my SDHC card. While I was transferring data from my SDHC card to computer, Virus/malware present in system affected the file system of SDHC card. My computer window is popping continuously with a message; format SDHC Card. I’m not able to open any files and worried to format because I may loose all my data if I format. What next? How files can be recovered from SDHC card not formatted error?

It is not a big issue that data will remain inaccessible forever due to file corruption of the card. Recovering lost/deleted photos from SDHC card is quite simple and easy by using effective third party tool named SDHC card recovery software.

 Steps to restore data after SDHC card not formatted error:

  • Download and install SDHC Card Recovery software on your computer.
  • Connect SDHC card on your system and once the application is launched, select the Recover Photos option from main screen window.
  • Later choose either Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos option based on your need that you wanted to recover.
  • Select SDHC Card from the window to restore pictures after SDHC card not formatted error and later proceeds with Next button
  • Scanning process to restore data will be initiated; once scan is successfully completed, you can preview the restored files from SDHC card.
  • Save all the restored photos on your desired location after successful purchase of SDHC card recovery software.

Spotlighted features of SDHC Card Recovery software:

  • This software is developed with special scanning algorithm to retrieve photos or any other media files that are inaccessible due to corruption of SDHC, SD, Micro SD, Micro SDHC, mini SD and mini SDHC in a simple and easy way without facing any difficulties.
  • This application restores data such as NTFS, EXFAT, HFS, HFSX and FAT which are inaccessible due to SDHC card corruption.
  • JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF etc. format can also be recovered by using this software without any hassle.
  • This software also supports to restore the different types of music files of various popular formats like MP3, MIDI, and MP4 etc.
  • This application is platform independent which recovers data after SDHC card not formatted error in all the versions of windows and also in Mac operating system.

What is the reason behind “Not formatted error?”

Abrupt ejection of SDHC card or any other memory card from the computer while transferring any data may corrupt the file systems on SDHC card. The message keeps on popping up to indicate SDHC card is damaged and inaccessible to the different files on them. In some situations virus/malware present in the host device may affect the connected device which results in the corruption and will the other reason to pop such message on the system.